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Be part of the Force, contact our head coaches to arrange tryouts.

Be a part of De Anza Force.

For more information about Force Competitive Soccer email Tom Brough 

Players of all levels new welcome and financial aid is available for all of our competitive & recreational programs.

De Anza Force is a federally registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 

Contact Age Group Coaches

Year of Birth Gender Coach Contact
Born 2009/10 (Younger) Boys Dan Neal
Born 2009/10 (Younger) Girls Alex Booth
Born 2008 Boys Dan Neal
Born 2008 Girls Alex Booth
Born 2007 Boys Dan Neal
Born 2007 Girls Kyle Valentine
Born 2006 Boys Lloyd Grist
Born 2006 Girls Chris Stott
Born 2005 Boys Josh Cannon
Born 2005 Girls Joe O'Hehir
Born 2004 Boys Chris Stott
Born 2004 Girls Simon Cook
Born 2003 Boys Chris Stott
Born 2003 Girls Simon Cook


Please Contact Age Group Coach to Organize Team Tryout

2008 and under Dan Neal

2007 - Dan Neal

2006 - Lloyd Grist

2005 - Jeff Baicher

2004 - Chris Stott

2003 - Chris Stott

2002 - Matt Marquess

2001 - Simon Cook

2000 or older - Janne Lipponen



Please Contact Age Group Coach to Organize Team Tryout:

2008 and under Alex Booth

2007 - Kyle Valentine 

2006 - Chris Stott

2005 - Matt Marquess

2004 - Simon Cook 

2003 - Simon Cook

2002 and older girls - Iman Siadet


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