What age should I start looking into colleges to play? 

The sooner the process is started the better, some programs start from 8th grade.


How do I start looking for schools with there being so many? 

Sort categories to help you narrow down choices such as; the soccer program, the academic program, school size, school location and school costs. 


How many schools should I be looking to contact? 

Contact as many as possible if they fit your criteria, some may not accept so it's better to have more options. 


Can college coaches contact me? 

Certain schools will be able to contact you before your junior year, refer to NCAA Recruiting Chart 


What is the eligibility for NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA?

Each body has it's own eligibility center, click links in Resources Tab


Should I take SAT or ACT?

Take both as some schools take one or the other, some accept both. 


What GPA is needed?

Students should be aiming to maintain 3.5 or higher, the higher the GPA the more opportunities. 


When should I fill in for student aid (FAFSA)? 

Students should be completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid by January 1st of their Senior year.