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Marc Pelosi - Force and US National

03/08/2010, 6:00am PST
By Staff

Marc Pelosi - Force and US National Team Member
Interview by Force coach, Chris Dangerfield

Watch out, they grow up so fast!!

Marc Pelosi joined the De Anza Force at the age of 7, under the guidance of coaches Joe Alfaro, Mike Fujimoto and Roberto Magellan, Jeff Baicher and recently Chris Dangerfield with the US Soccer Academy team. Marc has progressed rapidly to become a valuable member of the current U17 MNT and is based in residence in Bradenton Florida, preparing for the upcoming U17 World Cup.

In his younger years he saw some good success with the Force 93 blue team, which has produced several top players, including Ryan Masch, who is also in residence as a member of the U17 YNT (and was on the roster for the game vs Mexico in the squad of 20) and Alfred Edmonds who has been involved in that same US MNT team on several occasions.

Marc is not only a member of the youth National team, but has also captained his national team on a few occasions recently, including during a 4-1 win versus arch rivals Mexico on February 24th.

I caught up with Marc the day after the game on the treatment table in Florida and had the following questions:

Q. What age did you start with the FORCE and who were your coaches?
A. I started playing with Force when I was 7 and continued until I entered National Team Residency this past August. My coaches were Joe Alfaro, Mike Fujimoto and Roberto Magellan.

Q. What was your best memory of playing with your team 93 blue team?
A. Probably winning the first tournament I ever played in, Copa Del Rey in Sacramento, when I was about U8 or U9 and also winning first flight of the NHB in 2008 when Baicher was our coach. We also played like 78 games in a single year when Roberto was our U11/U12 coach (we won a lot of tournaments too). That was a lot of fun.

Q. How do feel that playing with the Force has helped prepare you for playing at the next level (if you do :))
A. Force gave me the ability to train all year around with professional coaches and play usually at least 4 or more times a week. It also gave me the opportunity to play at the highest competitive youth levels. These factors were key in helping me be ready to play at the next level.

Q. How did it feel to captain the U17 MNT for the first time?
A. I felt proud to lead my team and country but it also felt like a big responsibility as I was expected to set a good example for my country and teammates.

Q. How did it feel to score against Mexico last night?
A. We played prior to the Men's National team game vs. El Salvador so it was amazing as there were so many USA fans already in Tampa stadium cheering. The goal really put the game away so it was a good feeling for my team and teammates.

Q. What have you found to be the biggest difference between playing
and practicing with the FORCE vs the U17 MNT?

A. With the U17 team we almost always train and play 6-7 times a week, so the soccer schedule is very busy. We have mandatory weight and performance training at least 3 times a week. We also play a lot of games against older teams, for example Division 1 College teams and also MLS teams. We also play a lot of International games. We also have 6-7 coaches plus 4 or 5 other people full time on the staff so there is always someone around to help out

Q. what advice can you give to the young FORCE players who hope to one day play with you and Ryan on the US youth national teams.
A. Take your Force training sessions seriously but try to have fun at the same time. If you want to keep improving you need to put in the extra time on your own working on weaknesses. Always play your games at 110%, no matter what the score or who the opponent is. Don't be afraid of making mistakes on the field.

Thanks Marc for taking the time to talk today and all your great advice for our young FORCE players.

Good luck to you and Ryan in the U17 World Cup.

Best regards,

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