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Development Curriculum

A Proven Track Record

The Force curriculum was created by merging 50 years of research from the best clubs in the world. Using a combination scientific research, classroom sessions, and practical field work, elite clubs have developed players in the highest levels of professional soccer all over the world. The principle aim of the Force methodology is the individual player’s development with a scientific approach. To develop a player involves a 4-6 year plan. A proper curriculum for each age group addresses the physical, technical, and tactical areas with the correct percentage of training hours based on annual training hours. This plan is a combination of individualized training and team training, which includes extensive work on psychomotor skills, coordination, endurance, involuntary muscle movement, flexibility, technical training, team tactics, and individual tactics. For instance, a U8 player will focus on developing psychomotor skills and coordination (most often with the ball) which are best improved at this age, rather than a focus on endurance or team tactics which would be appropriate for another age group. The goal is to maximize the full potential of every player in all of his capacities at every single stage of development and in every single area of soccer. Through coordinated motor skill development coupled with all of the mental and technical skills that make for the most well rounded and dynamic player you can produce.