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Striker and Goalkeeper Clinic

Winter 2018 Goalkeeper, Striker & Agility Clinic

4 Clinics - All Sundays
Sunday Evenings Nov 11th, Nov 18th, Dec 2nd and Dec 9th

5:45-7pm players born 2010 to 2006

7:30-8:45pm players born 2005 to 2003


Rescheduled Clinics Confirmed

1) Saturday January 12th 

2pm-3:15pm players born 2010 to 2006

3:45pm-5pm players born 2005 to 2003

2) Saturday January 19th 

5:45pm-7pm players born 2010 to 2006

7:30pm-8:45pm players born 2005 to 2003

Sessions also include an agility, balance and coordination warm-up so please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to start time.
Our Elite Striker Classes are coached by our experienced and licensed Development Academy staff.
Players will be placed in age groups and ability levels after sign ups are complete.
The Harker School
500 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose, CA 95129
4 clinics for $150. Registration will be closed when we reach capacity. All sales are final. We will not be able to issue refunds. 
Goalkeepers will be led through a series of exercises designed to improve their mobility, shot-stopping skills, handling, footwork, and diving. Simulated game situations like crosses, corner kicks, free kicks, and breakaways will be recreated to give keepers the repetition they need to feel comfortable in any situation.  Goalies will be taught how to become more confident, vocal leaders as they develop the knowledge necessary to lead their defense. 
This camp is designed to develop and train attacking players in various techniques of finishing.  Instruction on proper technique with plenty of repetition will ingrain the confidence in our players to score in any situation.  Innovate drills will create opportunities to score off of the run, off of the dribble, and off of the turn.  Proper technique for volleys, half-volleys, and heading will be emphasized.  Players will learn how to shoot for accuracy and power and the appropriate approach to every scoring opportunity. This camp is about scoring goals, and for all players interested in becoming more confident in front of goal

More on the Striker Training: These clinics are designed to develop and train attacking players in the various techniques of finishing.  There is no question that goal scoring has become a special art at the highest level.  In order to get there, technique, repetition, and confidence are just a few attributes that our players must master.  This series of clinics demand our players to finish from every situation possible…(bending balls, finishing off of the run, off of the dribble, off of the turn, volleys, shooting for power, shooting for accuracy, crossing and finishing, heading). It is about scoring goals, and for all players interested in becoming more confident in front of goal

More on Goalkeeper Training: The goalkeepers will improve in their mobility, reading of the game, shot-stopping, handling, footwork, crosses, and diving. They will also be taught how to become more consistent/confident, and also develop communication and leadership skills. We as a club continue to develop fantastic players by specific positions and GK is no different.  

More on Speed and Agility Training: Outside of sport specific training, agility training is one of the primary determining factors in predicting a players success in a sport. Sports are rarely played straight ahead, and often require changes of direction in which lateral movements are used in several planes of movement simultaneously. Agility is a neural ability that is developed over time with many repetitions and research has shown that an increase in speed and strength was not as effective in developing agility as participation in activities specifically designed to develop agility. Agility training provides the athlete with many performance benefits including: neuromuscular adaptation, improved athleticism, injury prevention and decreased rehabilitation time. A comprehensive agility program will address components of agility such as strength, power, acceleration, deceleration, coordination, balance and dynamic flexibility.